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Why led banner is getting more popular this years?

The upgrading of electronic products is always accompanied by function diversification, the cellphone is the best example of such. In the beginning, the cell phone is basically a device used for calling and send text messages. Look how smartphone functions today, it's a small portable “laptop”. The LED display belongs to the electronic product family as well. There is a big range of product types applied in different fields of life. Such as indoor and outdoor LED display, fixed and rental LED display, etc.


The iposter is a creative LED display that combined the advantages of rental and fixed installation LED displays. meanwhile with lightweight and ultra-thin frame. Comparing to the rental type LED display. the iposter has its own base design on the bottom, it requires no truss or structure to hold it up. The back buckle design makes it a better choice when considering setting up a LED wall somewhere for a long period but not permanently.


With buckles on the back, the installation of LED screen can be easy and convenient. There is no need to call a professional installation team to come and help because the installation could be finished yourself. Also, the installation damage to the wall is minimum. even when you take it off from the wall, there are only a few small screw holes left. The frame thickness 45mm makes the appearance of the LED screen more elegant and delicate. enables its wide application in shopping malls, luxury stores, museums, and showrooms.

As an LED display manufacturer specializes in making LED banners for more than 5 years. NSE constantly improves the product and strive to bring more creative and multiple function product to global clients. If you are interested in having this LED banner for your stores or somewhere else. please feel free to contact us to have a free consultancy.


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