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P2.5 HD LED Wall project finish in Ecuador

On this brand new week, our Ecuador agent shared with us a new project that has been recently finished. The screen you see on the following pictures is an indoor P2.5 HD LED wall. Considering the client will adopt embedded installation, we recommended the front serviceable LED panel and cabinet.




Due to the unstable situation of covid19 in Ecuador, the installation team attaches great importance to safety。 All members are wearing masks during the whole process of installation。 This not only protects each other on-site but shows respect to others during the gathering。 Thanks to the help of experienced technicians in Ecuador。 They made the screen seamless in appearance therefore a more delicate display effect can be guaranteed。 The installation and configuration of the screen didn't occupy so much time。 The client is very satisfied with the service and product at the end。


NSE is considered as a LED display supplier who provides taxi advertising displays and LED banners due to some Stereotypes. In fact, as an LED display manufacturer. we are able to supply all kinds of LED display products ranges from indoor and outdoor LED walls, stage LED display, portable LED display, transparent LED display, flexible LED display, taxi advertising display, and LED banners. To stand out from the crowd. we specialize in R&D creative LED display, the flexible LED display, taxi top LED display, and LED banners is the best examples of such. 


Looking back, we have contributed more than thousands of successful projects worldwide. For example, the waves shape flexible LED display in Incheon Airport; 50sqm transparent LED display in Singapore shopping mall; 35sqm indoor rental LED display in Ecuador, etc. If you have any LED wall projects that may need a quotation for reference, please feel free to contact the NES team today to get a free one. We are looking forward to talking further with you about the project.



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