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Flexible  LED Display

FC Series FC 2.5/4

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    High Flexibility


    Flexible LED screen are made of soft PCB and rubber material. It is extremely soft, can be made in any sizes and shapes for creative installations. Our soft led billboard has a compact body design. 0.4mm PCB thickness and magnetic connections. The flexible led wall can be fixed easily everywhere.

    NSE soft LED billboard use advanced SMT technology to reduce bad soldering and static electricity. resulting in a more obvious, delicate and highly saturated reproduction effect of the displayed video and text. Besides soft LED display have been subject to long-term aging tests. 10,000 bending and folding tests, 1500-days terminal market application, to ensure its stability.



    Multiple Styles

    Flexible LED Screen is one of the thinnest & lightest LED screens in the world with special materials and advanced technology。 after many technological innovations, perfect present。

    Every led module weight of flexible led panel is 85g, its soft, thin, light, suitable for cylindrical, S-shaped, wavy bending effects. This soft led screen can be based on customer needs, design scrolling, bend, and swing a variety of effects. No cabinet metal frame, drastically deducting the screen weight.




    Easy to splice, Install and Maintain


    The weight of a single Flexible LED Panel is the only 85g. it has strong magnetic installation, so fast to assemble and disassemble. and easy to maintain. The flexible led screen has high quality. it can achieve single point maintenance with a low maintenance cost. besides it also has high brightness with low dead light rate and energy-saving.

    The flexible led billboard is seamless splicing with the control of splicing error between Flexible LED display Panel within plus or minus 0.1mm. this soft led panel saving 83% shipping and installation cost. it is very easy to maintain and replace for most of the users.



    High Contrast and Good Flatness

    Usually, in the case where the curvature of the display screen is small and the display form is more complicated. the seam and the flatness are not well solved, which results in display inconsistency. But the flatness of Flexible LED Screen is good. and since the silicone is used. it has soft hand feeling and there is no protrusion even after finger scratch.

    The Flexible LED Display Panel has a stable circuit board. which adopts the wave soldering process. In addition, the green oil oxygen barrier layer prevents moisture and oxidation of the line, thus improving the service life. High resolution and contrast of flexible led display provide exceptional display performances. and the perfect embodiment of Ultra HD LED technology.



    Application Field


    LED flexible panel screens have been used in hotel advertising, stage rental, television, shopping malls, airport, outdoor stadiums, concerts, KTV, playgrounds, etc. achieving quite a few effects beyond the reach of the conventional led video display. At present, the market is applied more indoors, including inner and outer arcs.


    Product NameFC-P2.5FC-P4
    Pixel Pitch2.5mm4mm
    LED TypeSMD1010SMD2121
    Pixel type(R / G / B)1R1G1B (3 in 1)1R1G1B (3 in 1)
    Module Size240*120mm256*128mm
    Module Resolution96*4864*32
    Pixel Density160000 Dots/M262500 Dots/M2
    Scan Mode30S16S
    Driving ICMBI5124MBI5124
    Viewing Distance2.5m4m
    Brightness 1500cd/M21500cd/M2
    View Angle 120° (H)/120°(V)  120° (H)/120°(V) 
    Refresh Rate1920Hz1920Hz
    Input VoltageAC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%
    Grey Level14 Bits14 Bits
    MTBF≥ 10,000 hs≥ 10,000 hs
    Operating Temperature -30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
    Operationg humidity10%~75%10%~75%
    Control SystemLinsn, NovaStarLinsn, NovaStar

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